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The Semi-official Site of the Famed Inspector Merlot... the Jenarator.

You've got to dance as though there's nobody watching;
Love as though you've never been hurt;
Sing as if there's nobody listening.
Live your life as though this is heaven - not earth.



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  Not so fast!!! Given that this is only the Semi-official Jena Page, we had better let her tell you about her past and present. For now, suffice it to say that Jena lives just outside Cranberry (as your webmaster calls it), ACT (Australian Capitol Territory) where she copes with 2 beautiful daughters and works at the university. The creator of this page has grown rather partial to this picture (since making this page), but you can see another nice picture taken next to the fireplace in her living room (complete with Leda and the Swan). Let's see, what else does your webguy have... hmmm... how about this shot (in the living room)? And this shot is of the kids and Jena about 15 years ago. Then there’s this shot taken very recently… or this one (which the webdude likes the best). <although da webdude has many more, she'd be "not at all amused" if he were careless here… the rest, shall remain in his breast pocket until she personally comes to take them away - grins>

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Contact Information

You can e-mail her at jena.hamiton@anu.edu.au or jena@goldweb.com.au

Mailing Address: 8/47-49 Booth Street, Queanbeyan, NSW 2620, Australia

Time & Place: Canberra (the capital of the country), ACT (for Australian Capital Territory, like "D.C." in the USA), Australia is normally 18 hours ahead of the US west coast (the center of the known universe)… this applies when the USA is on day-light savings time and OZ is on standard time. The best way to make quick sense of this is to imagine that she is 7 hours behind us (but a day ahead). When it's standard time in the USA and day-light savings in OZ then imagine she's 5 hours behind (but a day ahead)… does any of this make sense? <again, it's all based on the US west coast>

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Current Projects In Earthspace

Georgina, (shot taken several years ago) commonly known as Georgie, is Jena's daughter of some 20 years (going on 30); she's turning into one tough cookie... smart, mature, Australian and rapidly outpacing her mum. This shot of Georgie was taken in the back yard. Your webguy calls it "Lovely in Lavender."

Anna, (shot taken several years ago) Jena's 15 year old daughter, is wise beyond her Australian years. She once put a note on Jena's back that said "THIS WOMAN NEVER FARTS"... where it was worn to work for a day. This shot of Anna with Georgie on top of her was taken in the backyard.

Here is a lovely shot of the girls (kinda big pic) in Jena's bed a few years back. [sorry for the red eyes]

The home is her new pad – a townhouse that can be found in country “suburb” called Queanbeyan (which fits given that she’s kind of a Queen Bee herself). She only just bought the place (August 2001). Here is a pic of the place and a shot of environs. 

Current Projects In Cyberspace

Bonkety, (also Bonkety Bo, Bonkles, Springy B, Mr. Bo, Professor Bo, Marko and, occasionally, Mark) Jena's boy of some 12 mental years of age, is hopeless. [This shot is of him wearing his homemade Halloween costume a few years ago.] He has been accused of never reading anything Jena writes, but she keeps him around as a plaything (calling him a "wild tiger"... which escapes him). He sometimes calls her "da Jenarator," and recently came up with the nickname Inspector Merlot (since she likes a sip of the stuff now and again). Just as a small gesture to shaken her confidence in thinking he forgets everything, he only needs to say something as simple as "exercise and moisturize"... whereupon she sucks in her tummy as a smile comes to her dial. By the way, Bonkety's original cyberspace nickname is Boink, but Jena immediately saw it as Bonk... and proceeded to begin mutating it.

[Jenanote: Playthings who go to the trouble of setting up web pages for the computech-impaired sprout wings - halo status, do you not think? Jena is deeply grateful, as usual, on her knees before the luverly Mr. Bo, and thanks him.]

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Biographical Information

Prepare yourself. Ready? Now click here.

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Personal Interests

Writing romance novels, reading/writing poetry and listening to good music are among some of her interests.  <this paragraph was respectfully written by your dutiful webmaster... all that follows is written by the star of the show>

Talking of butts, <g – we were?> this brings us to what is undoubtedly Jena's primary interest in life. Interest, in fact, doesn't quite do the trick. Try preoccupation... The Butt: male - prime - rigourous specifications apply: (every vista doth not please... these latter, more common, are commonly known as backsides). Check out the "Butt" link in the HotSpots below. If, however, you're of the Christian Ladies for Modesty on the Net ilk, you'd probably be best to give that one a miss.

She must have some other interests. Course she does. Some...

Trying to write romance novels that a publisher would buy: when her children have flown the nest and she will undoubtedly rapidly transmogrify into an extremely eccentric, probably very emaciated old dear, she hopes to be living in a little shack on some barren, rugged island off the coast of Tasmania or the North Island, New Zealand - Maine would be good - putting sugar out for the ants and squinting at the computer, writing endless reams of inspirational erotica (with a classical bent you understand) that she can just - just - remember. (Or more likely thinks she can - wonderful imagination has the Jenarator : no doubt outstripping the outer ends of physical possibilities time and again but it'll please her - hopefully it'll keep her content.

Writing great philosophical tracts that no-one else will - could possibly want to - read.

Until the delicious Webmaster bestowed other, more whimsical nicknames on her, Jena's cybername that she'd taken unto herself was Entropy. Entropy? (The energy of the principal mass is indubitably not noticeably available for work. This is not to argue that the mass is lazy (never let it be said). It is in fact an extremely productive mass, but idiosyncratic: ie it's highly selective. Thus it can kick into gear and come up with a quite extraordinary level of output if either her interest is autonomously engaged or the people doing the kicking are ones whom Entropy finds interesting/appealing/congenial - and principally pacifist - and always assuming they're kicking her in a direction that appeals. <another webmaster editorial - he can do it if he wants to you see - hee hee… Enthalpy would be a far better term - no question>

Anyone/anything else - forget it.

Other interests are psychology - so long as it's not `pop` and absolutely so long as it's not personal - political economy and laughing. Above all, laughing. (Her sense of humour is often lewd, crude and revolting, but only in the presence of wit or whimsy - gratuitous obscenity never appealed.)

OK, want more? Tempt fate and enter here.

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Hot Spots

"I think there ought to be no rules whatever prohibiting improper publications." Lord Bertrand Russell (Bertrand Russell Speaks His Mind, 1960) Jena note: If it was good enough For Lord Russell, twas good enough for Jena. Anyone who doesn't agree is advised to stay out of the Hot Spots.

 Pages and pages of wonderful poems by Jena. Feast here

 The butt! Jena reflects on the very foundation of existence!!! J (FAL)

 Musings... a collection of, well, er, um, musings (by Jena, mostly)!

 Odds and Sods... a collection of odd bits from Jena (some X-rated).

 The 10 Commandments new ones.

 A great link to the Australian Broadcasting Commisson, with links to Radio Australia and Radio National (where you can download transcripts of public affairs programmes)...plus great classical music. You will also find a fantastic link to the Canadian Broadcasting Commission there (Saturday afternoon opera and Saturday night blues). J

 A link to a fascinating, ultra rational American - John Ferri. This page has it all: romance, sex, religion, politics, evolution, crime, drugs and my favorite, breasts. All it needs now is some Rock 'n Roll.

 Greg Swan: an angry, young, very bright and fundamentally honourable maverick. Again, this one's all over the place - politics, rights of fathers, fiction, sex. He's a ball once he's decided perhaps your're not such a bimbo after all... he's very very bright... and a delight once he forgets that he knows it. He might just end up one of America's renowned authors one of these days.

 Fun site! Could keep me occupied all day if I had the time. J I'm particularly enamoured of the Shakespearean insults ("Thou craven ill-breeding nut-hook.")! Lots of Stephen Wright and Dave Barry quotes - that sort of thing. Check it out.

 Exploratorium. A great site for simple summaries of science (and great for my daughters' homework). Lots of fun.

 United Nations Environmental Programme ... useful for work but interesting in and of itself. 

 East-West Centre's East Asia environmental pages is a good site.

 World news page.

 Uncover-Reveal, a fantastic database - feed in the subject and it'll telly you which articles in which journals worldwide dealt with that subject. It will give you contents pages and issues of journals you're interested in. Great site.

 US Defense Link: this is a DoD comprehensive defence link. Fascinating link to get you Americans started on what your DoD says it is doing with your dollars. J It has links to all branches of Defense.

 Federation of American Scientists. A great organization, first started by the Manhattan Project scientists. One of its links, Military Analysis Network will tell you what DoD actually IS doing with your dollars! J J

 US Library of Congress homepage.

 Lady Barrow - Guideline for authors of women's erotica. A fascinating site... men interested to know what women actually like might enjoy it...

 Fun site of the Bulwer-Lytton excruciating writing competitions...


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Last Revised: September 27, 2001 <hey, we're now on TRIPOD… pretty nifty… one can have 11 megawhatsits (as Jena calls them) absolutely free!!!!! So… there's plenty more room>

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